Construction law

Debt recovery. We represent construction contractors for debt collection when their clients fail to pay the amounts due. We first write a formal notice, and then proceed to court.

Work poorly executed. We represent both contractors and their clients when construction work has been poorly executed or is alleged to have been poorly executed. We draw up formal notices and legal actions appropriate to the circumstances.

Legal hypothec of the construction. We publish legal mortgages to protect the claims of construction contractors. We make sure that all conditions are met.

Contract declaration. To be entitled to the legal hypothec against the owner of the immovable with whom the contractor has not contracted directly, it is imperative to inform in writing the owner of the contract before the beginning of the work.

RBQ license. We prepare the various RBQ license application forms for both general and specialized contractors. We represent our clients at the Régie du Bâtiment when the license has been refused or suspended.